The Black Art Master's Review

The Black Art Master's Review, or B•A•M, is a innovative new platform of the 21st century, created for established career artist to validate a departed peer.

Black Americana Art Exhibition

The Black Americana Art Exhibition is a nationally touring art show, saluting African American culture through the artwork of renowned artist, Annie Lee.


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The Black Art Master's Review

™The Black Art Master’s Review, or B•A•M, is a new innovative platform of the 21st century, designed for established artist to formally validate a departed peer.

Artist, Annie F. Lee, transitioned in late 2014 and left a void in the black art family that was felt across the country.  Her grandson, Abe Ilo, Founder and Chairman of The Annie F. Lee Art Foundation 501C3 nonprofit, also known as AFL35, created B•A•M to provide a way for Annie’s esteemed artist friends and colleagues to honor her in a unique way.

By recreating Annie Lee images, using their own unique signature styles and techniques, it will be the first time in history that a group of high profile artist have deliberated an exhibit of this kind.  This trademarked platform began as a vehicle to honor Annie Lee, but our hope is to see it include more Black Art Masters past, present, and future.


Tips for Encounters with Law Enforcements

We’ve heard the following advice when dealing with police officers. Keep your hands on the wheel. Tell them when you have a weapon in the car. Don’t make sudden movements. Say yes sir or no sir. With recent events, we’re starting to see this advice isn’t working. Consequently, black men and black women who are pulled over by the cops no longer remain are calm like […]


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